Basch fon Ronsenburg (captain_basch) wrote,
Basch fon Ronsenburg

Sixty-Eight Kings Slain

It seems another new year in Discedo is upon us. Perhaps this shall be better than the last, here is to wishing it so, and may all keep safe and well.

[The video feed turns on and Basch is clearly at the stables, not a shocker there, though he's been there a little less than usual. Helping Naja with guarding Latimir and the like, plus knightly duties to his Princess (er Queen...), but he makes sure to keep up with things. And actually, Basch has a new years surprise for Discedo! He's walking into the Chocobo pen, petting and greeting them as he goes, until he comes to one of the female Chocobos, who looks quite proud of herself.]

Felicia here has been keeping an egg warm for a little over a month now. While we have had plenty of Chocobo eggs none have hatched so far, so I had not expected anything this time either.

[Basch gives her an affectionate scratch, getting a pleased sound from the giant bird. Though she's happy, Felicia seems to be a little guarded as well, watching Basch carefully.]

It seems I was wrong. [And he kneels down, the video feed shaky as he gets down, focusing it on something yellow and curled in a ball of feathers. A little foot pops out and an eye blearily peeks out from the mess of feathered fluff. Basch can be heard chuckling off screen and his hand comes into the picture, petting the mass of feathers, before a little beak nips at his fingers and a shrill "wark!" can be heard from it. With a little more coaxing from Basch the bundle of feathers shakily stands, wobbling on skinny legs, not use to its own body yet. Flapping tiny wings, it gives out another few cries, and mommy's beak comes down to nuzzle at it.

Happy New Years, Discedo, you're all grandparents to a brand new baby Chocobo!]

I am curious to hear any ideas on names for the little one. And to any who would like to come see it in person, please be wary that the mother shall be a little hostile to those she does not know well. Tis her duty to keep her chick safe of course.

[And as if understanding Basch, Felicia gives a loud "KWEH!" in response.]

(ooc: FFFF so like... I have no idea how long it takes to hatch a Chocobo egg... I kinda just went with a month as it seems to be around the general time other birds do. And yeah, I figured we needed some adorable cuteness for New Years. Have a baby to awww at Discedo!)
Tags: chocobo, new years, stables
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