Basch fon Ronsenburg (captain_basch) wrote,
Basch fon Ronsenburg

Sixty-Two Kings Slain

[Yes this is an accidental video. No it does not involve what could be construed as sexual acts. Your eyes will not suffer from this.

What is seen is the underside of a chair, and it's a little dark because of it. A hand comes into view to grab it and pick it back up. Having been dropped a moment before, thus turning it on, it's now back in Basch's lap. Or in his hand in his lap. He seems... worn, tired... worried. He's yet to realize that it's actually on, though this is attributed more because he can barely seem to keep his eyes open.

He's obviously not at Latimir, nor the stables, the familiar walls of the hospital behind him do give his location away. To any who might know it well enough. It can't be seen why he's there exactly, he doesn't seem to be hurt at all. Though if he's not careful he'll doze off in a rather uncomfortable position and be sore after.

So sadly, this is nothing interesting to watch, Discedo. Just a tired ex-knight attempting to stay wake, and most likely losing the battle.]
Tags: ashelia, her majesty, hospital
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