Basch fon Ronsenburg (captain_basch) wrote,
Basch fon Ronsenburg

Fifty-Nine Kings Slain

[Basch purposely turns his communicator on to show himself on the feed, which for anyone who knows his regular outfit might notice... something is different. The good captain has gotten a little makeover. From who, he doesn't know but he suspects it's just an item rain. He does appreciate the new clothing (shirt, pants and boots) as the outfit he had before was pretty much a mishmash of whatever was around at the time. Plus with the weather getting cooler the pants will be nice.]

I do hope the lack of color pleases you, Balthier. As you seemed to find it a mess before.

[He holds up the infamous 'potholder' dangling it in front of the camera.]

And this shall no longer haunt you.

[Basch then sets it aside before sitting down on the couch, he makes a contemplative face for a moment before talking out loud to himself, more a mumble than anything.]

... perhaps I should tie my hair back with something... tis getting long after all. I should trim it.

[Oh right, video is still on. He smiles a little in the communicator before asking a question.]

Did anyone else receive things? It seems tis that time again, as it has happened a few times before.

Tags: balthier, goodbye potholder, item rain?, new look, yuuko event
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