Basch fon Ronsenburg (captain_basch) wrote,
Basch fon Ronsenburg

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Fifty-Seven Kings Slain

I had forgotten that a year had gone by in this city... in that time my brother has gone and come again. Now he has once again left Discedo. Hm... while I would typically say twas for the best, I cannot truly say that this time. Either way, I hope his soul can rest in peace. Better in Ivalice than in this world.

[There is an annoying burst of static and Basch waits for it to pass before speaking again.]

I suppose now would be the time to mention that Chocobo is gone as well. His frequency is no longer working.

Let us hope he fairs well back in his own world.

[He pauses like he might say something more, but decides not to. Noah leaving again, along with Chocobo, has put a damper on his day. Not that the terrible fog hasn't done that enough. So with a barely audible sigh and a crackle of static, the comm clicks off.]

Tags: chocobo, gabranth, noah, o brother where art thou?
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